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Career Fulfillment

I am someone who loves what they do, but it wasn’t always that way. I know, first-hand, how it feels to be trapped in a career that leaves you unfulfilled and on a road to nowhere.

Image by Brooke Lark

One of the most confusing days of my life was the day I graduated from medical school.


Becoming a podiatric surgeon was my parents’ wish, not mine.  Not knowing how to speak up for my own desires led me down the trail to someone else’s expectations. 


I spent twelve years practicing as a doctor.  But as the years passed, I became increasingly frustrated about having chosen the wrong path. Finally, I decided to seek the real truth about myself, and what would really bring me joy. 

Leaving the medical profession and becoming a psychotherapist with my own practice seemed like a distant dream, but that dream is now my life. 

If my story is striking a chord with your current situation, I can assure you that harmony awaits.  I have helped many people who once felt a sense of despair because they were trapped in work that did not allow them to express their creativity and talents. 

Loving what you do is a pleasure we can all have.

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