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30 years of experience in counseling and

psychotherapy for individuals and couples

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How are you doing?

Do you feel like it’s hard to get up in the morning and face the day?

Do you wake up worrying in the middle of the night?

Do you feel frustrated and sad over a relationship or a stalled career?

Are your friends, family, or a loved one, trying to help but don’t really understand what you’re going through?


My name is Dr. Ilene Krems

We all face challenges and problems throughout life that may prevent us from enjoying it to its fullest. You may be experiencing despair, depression, anxiety, or doubts about yourself. These feelings may be caused not only by what is happening at the moment, but also by all that has affected you over your lifetime.

All of these experiences, problems, and challenges have led you to me and this website. I believe that you are here for a reason. You are supposed to be in a state of joy and contentment, savoring each moment of life to its fullest. Please allow me to help you down that path.

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I specialize in: depression, anxiety, inner bonding®, spiritual psychology, EFT & Psych-K, Relationships, Career Fulfillment, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Narcissism. I am a therapist for both individuals and couples. a fully licensed counselor in the state of California.

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“I am the woman I am today because of Ilene. And I freely admit that Ilene was and is exactly what I need. Ilene loves what she does and puts her soul into every session. You only get out of something what you put into it and with Ilene’s dedication to the power of internal healing, you WILL come out strong."

Janice B.


Online, phone, and in office sessions available - I meet with clients five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.

Zoom or facetime therapy sessions
phone call therapy sessions offered
Traditional in office visits


7212 Raintree Circle, Culver City, CA

310-435-8887 (Call or text!)

person receiving a therapy session to help them with their career choices and relationship problems
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